Monday, May 26, 2008


Hi all. Just got back from the Owyhee Fandango ride down at Oreana. Rode 2 days. I rode day 1 on Hollie with Josette and Elvis. Our time was 7:51 for 3 loop trails out of camp. Joe rode Thunder and Linda rode her mare Aire. Joe & Thunder finished 11th and 2nd HW in 5:45. Linda was 13th and a minute behind. It was a great day, it got a bit warm. But never fear - it's Idaho. A thunderstorm moved in to cool things off, soak everything, then the sun came back out again. There were 42 finishers.

The second day I rode Thunder. Linda was on her mare again and Joe was riding Dudley, a Russian Orlov/Arab. This was an awesome trail. We went down through a canyon and into a ranch with beautiful green pastures and a lake. Then we swung out to the Snake River where we waded out and let the horses drink and splash. Then we went back into the ranch on the Oregon Trail for another vet check. We had 17.5 miles back to camp from the ranch for a 55 mile total. We were 12, 13, 14 with a time of 7:03. Not too shabby for two days. Thunder had completed two days, 105 miles, in 12:49, and he looked good! We had considered riding three days but the third days trail was much like the first and I thought we'd done enough. I had a great weekend and awesome ride and was content. :-)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Video of the horses

The horses were racing around out here this evening. Zap may be the old man but he can still keep up!! Here is a link to the video Just click on it and hopefully it will work!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Eagle Extreme

I rode Thunder Sat May 10 on the Eagle Extreme 50. Not sure where we finished, somewhere in the middle. But it was a tough little ride and he did well on the hills. He was a pickle at the start and really wanted to go! This picture was taken about 20+ miles into the ride! Thunder was still strong on the last loop and he is a lot of fun - just shut up & ride for the first few miles!
He sure has grown up into a nice horse. Hard to believe it has been almost 7 yrs since he was just a tiny foal!

Cattle drive

Sat May 3rd we went out to bring the cows in off their BLM allotment. Here is Hollie - I think we can read her mind. Everytime the cows would slow down backt hose ears would go and she'd push them. What a girl!