Friday, January 10, 2014

Hello 2014!!!

    The Year of The Horse! Amazingly enough I was born the year of the Horse. And all that has to be a good thing when much of life is wrapped around horses! 

I did get to start New Years Day off correctly, in the saddle!! Linda Ballard and I had a ride planned but her truck broke, so it turned out to be just Blue and I out playing in the snow. The day was gorgeous, the snow was powdery, the air was cold but any ride is a good ride!! 

I can't complain about 2013, I revised and published my book America's Long Distance Challenge II. I made it to some endurance rides and even rode 100 miles at Sun River, bringing Thunder up to Bronze level in AERC. Did a lot of horse camping and watched my best bud, Colleen Martin, complete her first 50 mile ride in about 30 years, aboard my wonderful Blue. 

In 2014 I have a couple new things I want to do. Ride some different endurance rides out of region. And ride on the beach as I haven't done that in years. Do some more horse camping. Continue to let that big Appy hoss teach me some new lessons. It would be nice to try and get an ApHC Medallion with Brass, I haven't done that in 20+ years with an Appaloosa. I'm not sure I want to do another 100, maybe just a couple multi-days with Thunder. But it's all good if it's fun! Happy trails and enjoy your horse my friends! Embrace the New Year!