Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tis The Season

I hope everyone had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! I have neglected the blog - again. It's been over two months since I wrote here, and now it is closing in on the end of 2015 and the coming new year!

It's a frosty 14 degree Idaho morning, making it a good day to catch up and reflect on Christmases past, family and friends, the horses I rode in remote beautiful lands, the year that flew by, sorrows and joys, and the new year to come. Some day I may even figure out how to escape to a warmer place for the winter, where perhaps I could string Christmas lights over a big cactus!

Until then, I'll continue with an old New Year's resolution of ride more and eat less. I've been pretty successful with that idea. I think I'll just try to keep that going. Perhaps toss in a new place to visit where I have never been before. I have a long list of places I'd like to ride but the problem is always the same limiting factor, time and money. HA! But if I only visit one new patch of God's green Earth a year, that's a pretty good adventure!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!! Enjoy!