Thursday, September 4, 2014

AERC's Newest 4000 mile Horse!

Thunder is living proof that some crooked legged colts can be more than pasture ornaments! He finished up the first day of the Old Selam 50 with a lifetime total of 4035 AERC miles!! 

Thunder chowing down at the 25 mile point!

When Thunder was just a few months old he underwent surgery on his left front leg as it was so terribly crooked. He was born straight but by the time he was 6 weeks old the leg pointed west while he faced north. The veterinarians at Vale Vet Clinic calculated the angles and scraped the periosteum to straighten his leg, the same surgery used on the Kentucky Derby winner, Real Quiet. He was also given a large dose of selenium, copper and zinc as he was deficient and that is the main reason the leg went crooked. He then required special and frequent trimming, which I did. Every two weeks I'd go out and whittle on his front hooves to maintain the trim.

Thunder still chowing down but with his half brother Miles High, owned and ridden by Max Merlich

He still turns out but if trimmed properly it's only a little. But he does swing the hoof inward as he moves so it's a constant battle and maintenance issue. Yet here he is today as an honored 4000 mile horse in the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC). And did we stop there? No way, he went out the second day and got another 50 miles in style as he placed third! If I'm lucky - maybe we'll rack up another 1000!