Saturday, February 7, 2015

Owyhee River Challenge

Somewhere in the craziness of what mind I have left, I decided to put on an endurance ride. I settled on the name of Owyhee River Challenge because you ride from the Succor Creek area to the Owyhee River for a vet check. And then back over the hills to camp. After a vet check in camp you have an easy 10 mile loop through Succor Creek Canyon. The 25's will have two short loops with vet checks in camp. I even have some wonderful volunteers lined up but need more.

Only during the winter I kept coming up with more ideas!
A Ride & Tie Friday!
And Endurance Saturday.
PLUS a Ride or Run on Sunday! What was I thinking? In addition there will be a HUGE raffle Saturday night. Maybe a couple silent auction items as well. All this to benefit a little girl waiting for a heart transplant.

So the BLM permit is in review. The trail is pretty much laid out, measured and ready. In May it should all be green with lots of grass the horses to eat! Maybe wild flowers. Maybe a rattle snake. I'm sure there will be cattle and gates. I've never put on a trail run before but it should be fun and scenic. My hope is that the trail riders will come out Saturday, help with the endurance ride, camp, share in the raffle and evening potluck before they ride Sunday.

Camp is a remote with no facilities large flat area 4 miles down Succor Crk Rd off of Oregon Hwy 201. Directions here. Buy all your necessities before you drive out to ride camp.

Here is the "schedule" so far:
Friday May 8 - Vet in begins at 3PM, earlier if we can. vetting continues until dark. The day of the ride there will be 3 wonderful vets, onsite triage with one vet clinic 15 miles away.
Friday May 8 - Ride & Tie begins at 4 PM. 10 or 20 miles, your choice, National Ride & Tie Association says that you have to be a member to participate.

Saturday starting at 6 AM is the AERC/PNER 55 mile endurance ride, the 25's will start at 7:30. Sanction info here. Horse water hauled onto the trail, riders will need to carry what they need. We'll take your crew bags to the vet check at the Owyhee River. Ride management will not supply lunch, you need to pack or take whatever you will need. Only the 55's will have an out vet check. Dinner Saturday will be potluck followed by awards and Raffle. I have some fantastic donated Raffle items from Skito, Ricochet Ridge Ranch, High Country Plastics, Jacks Mfg., Hyalogic, Riding Warehouse and much more. I'll gladly accept any items you wish to donate too. :) Maybe a ride manager will donate a ride entry??

Sunday is the Trail Ride or Run! 10 mile Trail ride, or 5k, 10k over an out and back loop, and (I need volunteers) to put on a half marathon. I have had two half marathoners tell me they are pretty self sufficient and don't need much at all. So they might just get a treasure chest out there along the trail. :)

I need people to pre-enter so I can plan and hire another vet if needed. I need to order completion and participation awards and I want enough for everyone. So you save money by entering early. Downloadable entry form here. Your entry fee pays for vets, liability insurance, trail marking, hauled water, awards, sanction fees, BLM fees, and all the other expenses of putting on a ride.

The madness continued when I dreamed up the Triathlon for those who participate in any event all 3 days! It'll be a very busy 3 days and I hope we raise a lot of money for little Tristen and her family! It'll be a blast and I am really looking forward to it! Be sure to mark your calendars May 8,9, and 10!!See you there!