Saturday, August 25, 2012

Part 2 of the Cabin Tour

Last week my friends and I explored trails between Diamond Basin and Silver City. We came upon the incredible Montini's Cabin located near a creek. From there it was back up hill as the road narrowed and zigged back and forth across the creek. Here we met some motorcycle riders looking for the cabin and the road to Silver City. We told them after the cabin the route would take them back to Diamond Basin. On they went to the cabin. I don't think we went 1/2 miles and here came two 4 wheelers. It wasn't long and here came the bikers back. About ten minutes later here came the two 4wheelers. Obviously they were more lost than we were. LOL
After maybe two miles from Montini's we came upon a couple more cabins. The larger one possibly known as Spring House. The BLM map shows a Black Horse Spring to the north of it. The cabin was not maintained like Montini's. But on the plus side there was a skylight and air conditioning! HA
We did not have a decent map of the area and we were going on a lot of verbal directions however there are road numbers on the ATV trails but it seems the BLM hasn't gotten those printed and available to the public. But we decided to continue in the direction that made sense and traveled a steep hill. At the top were two of the cycle riders. They told us that road they were on went to Silver City but it was rocky. Then off they went. Trish thought they had waited for us to tell us that which was pretty darn nice of them. Once on that road the terrain changed, it got very rocky and we were no longer in Juniper but Pines. We went on for about a mile to a spring which we thought was Tiddy Spring. I looked at a new map Kody had gotten the other day and it was Tiddy Springs. So we made it that far before turning back. I can see I need to go to the BLM Office in Marsing for a map.:)
I am looking forward to more exploring. There is so much stuff to see in those hills!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Cabin Tour Part 1

It has been a few years since I got to ride through the Old West streets of Silver City. Not because I didn't want to but it just takes time and planning. Plus I wanted to find a different route than what we had used before. And I have had the itch to want to do this ride. Itchy enough that a week ago My friend Trish and I drove to Silver to look it over. Which led to a campout at Diamond Basin and a ride to help us plan out a route to Silver City. We went in a westerly direction and came to a nice little spring fed trough for the hroses to enjoy.
Then we climbed up and up and eventually came to Milk Springs. Then down a good long ways to Montini's Cabin.
The cabin sits in awesome spot with a creek and a corral. It is now part of Joyce Ranch.
There is a sign on the door that says you can use the cabin, just leave it as good as you found it.
Plus there is a root celler nearby and of course the ever necesary outhouse another hundred yards away.
Great spot and the cabin looked very inviting except smelled a bit skunky. I think the Pepe LePue must live under the cabin.