Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Cabin Tour Part 1

It has been a few years since I got to ride through the Old West streets of Silver City. Not because I didn't want to but it just takes time and planning. Plus I wanted to find a different route than what we had used before. And I have had the itch to want to do this ride. Itchy enough that a week ago My friend Trish and I drove to Silver to look it over. Which led to a campout at Diamond Basin and a ride to help us plan out a route to Silver City. We went in a westerly direction and came to a nice little spring fed trough for the hroses to enjoy.
Then we climbed up and up and eventually came to Milk Springs. Then down a good long ways to Montini's Cabin.
The cabin sits in awesome spot with a creek and a corral. It is now part of Joyce Ranch.
There is a sign on the door that says you can use the cabin, just leave it as good as you found it.
Plus there is a root celler nearby and of course the ever necesary outhouse another hundred yards away.
Great spot and the cabin looked very inviting except smelled a bit skunky. I think the Pepe LePue must live under the cabin.

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