Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye 2010 - Hello 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I don't always take the time to look back upon the year. But when I remember the fact "but for the grace of God go I", then I realize I should truly appreciate the year. I've survived some wrecks & scrapes over the years only because God wasn't done with me yet.

One thing I have learned is people say "I hope you find happiness in the New Year." Well I don't think you find happiness, it's a choice you make. Happiness is what you live & create.

Of course, my happiest place is on a horse in the wilderness some place. I got to ride a LOT this year. HOORAY! For the first time Thunder & I went to Oregon for a couple rides. That led to my number one goal for the year, to ride a 100. The first I'd done in several years. We had so much fun we did two! We did all 5 days of Canyonlands multi-day & Thunder felt good enough for a couple more days! That was truly awesome & left me wanting more!
And another first, I rode with my grandaughter McKenzie. I hope we get to do it again. Dad & Karen came to visit and we all went up to the mine, another first. The girls had more fun trying to catch tadpoles than anything!
Of course everything wasn't a success and life isn't always wonderful, but I take the good & I'm thankful for it.

So I look forward to spring 2011 when I can return to some good rides! I hope everyone has something they enjoy doing & go enjoy! Count your blessings & be thanful!

Live it up in 2011!