Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Brass Goes Bronze

This past weekend at the Owyhee Canyonlands Endurance Rides, The Big Brass earned his ApHC, Bronze Medallion!! To achieve this he had to complete 350 AERC miles of 50 mile or longer rides in a year. The first day of the 3 days of Canyonlands found Brass and Beth Nicholes trotting down the trail. At days end they had 360 miles to date. :) 
Steve Bradley took this of the 3 of us at Canyonlands; Thunder and I, Blue and Colleen Martin, Brass and Beth Nicholes

Now getting an ApHC (Appaloosa Horse Club) Medallion isn't the hardest thing in the world to do, but consider a little over 2 years ago that Brass was a rescue horse. A horse I acquired when someone said "If you can catch him you can have him." You can read Brass' story here
Brass and I out trail riding. Photo by Trish Frahm

Since our beginnings in the round pen he has developed into a personable trail horse who really likes to go places. And he has also become the camp clown playing in his water tub and looking for cuddles.
Photo by Laura Spear, Beth and Brass on Oregon 50 miler.

I teamed him up with Beth when she wanted to do well her last Junior year. With one ride yet to go they are setting in the Top 3 of PNER and AERC points and miles for Junior riders. Pretty proud of the two of them. In addition to that she also rode him in the first NW Appaloosa Endurance Championship where Brass was the second place Appaloosa!