Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yes mud, the brown squishy stuff that you squish your toes into in the summer. The stuff kids patty into pies. Fun as it may be then, mud is far from fun in the winter.

The snow has melted with the rain. Now I slog through it in the corrals to feed the horses. It sloshes and sucks on my boots. The brown stuff oozes over the top of my boots and splashes onto my clothes. I find where Blue has stomped the old rubber feed tub into the muck and guess who has to turn it right side up to put feed in it?

Like pigs in their sty the horses have been enjoying mud baths. Mud and crud is encrusted upon their once lustrous shiny coat. Zap, the old grey, resembles a pinto. They slip, slide, bite, rear and play out of boredom because the pasture is off limits.

The thermometer proclaims "It's warm - as in above freezing; go do something!" So I grab a horse to go ride. In my mind I envision a wonderful glorious and free trot down the trails. That ride stayed in my mind, it was not reality. The road going out to the riding area proved wet and squishy. The trails are slick with an inch of mud over the ice underneath. And in some places the soft ground swallows up the whole hoof and half the leg. After a few miles of playing a game I call "slip, slide and sink" it's time to go home. Now the road has warmed up and gives new meaning to the words slip, slide and sink as I put the truck in 4WD and do my best to keep it between the ditches!
So....back to my thoughts of next weekend I will ride. But at least this little jaunt temporarily cured my case of cabin fever.

Am I proccupied with mud? Perhaps. I want to ride without being splashed. I want to be able to trot my horse without falling flat. A nice lope has become a thing of the past. Ah yes, to me - mud is a dud.

Friday, January 1, 2010


The sun lured me out on this beautiful first day of 2010. Yesterday's snow was soft and wet. I took Molly for a walk down towards the marsh. Trudging through the heavy slush was a good workout. The marsh ponds are all frozen, the wetland birds that haven't gone south are over by the Snake River. I spooked up a pair of Pheasants while molly was checking out a rabbit hole. Life is so simple on a walk. No hassles, just clear thoughts of how good it is to get out and walk.
I gave the horses some carrots. And Molly too, if they eat it - she wants it! They all got brushed and of course the red brat got brushed at least three times because he was always in the way!
2010 - a new decade, following a rare Blue Moon on New Years Eve. A good omen? I will take it as just that. A year of promise. A year to do whatever I want, which happens to be quite a lot. And yes it involves a horse. The year 2009 is gone, and I hope it took all the bad karma with it. Out with the old and in with the new as they say! Welcome 2010!