Friday, January 1, 2010


The sun lured me out on this beautiful first day of 2010. Yesterday's snow was soft and wet. I took Molly for a walk down towards the marsh. Trudging through the heavy slush was a good workout. The marsh ponds are all frozen, the wetland birds that haven't gone south are over by the Snake River. I spooked up a pair of Pheasants while molly was checking out a rabbit hole. Life is so simple on a walk. No hassles, just clear thoughts of how good it is to get out and walk.
I gave the horses some carrots. And Molly too, if they eat it - she wants it! They all got brushed and of course the red brat got brushed at least three times because he was always in the way!
2010 - a new decade, following a rare Blue Moon on New Years Eve. A good omen? I will take it as just that. A year of promise. A year to do whatever I want, which happens to be quite a lot. And yes it involves a horse. The year 2009 is gone, and I hope it took all the bad karma with it. Out with the old and in with the new as they say! Welcome 2010!

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