Friday, May 29, 2009

Cover Girls

Hey look it here - my buddy Linda Ballard and I are the "cover girls" of the AERC June Endurance News!! She is riding her mare and I have my red Thunder pony. WOOHOO!! Merri Melde took this at Owyhee Tough Sucker. What Fun. Perhaps I should go show this to Thunder, he may like to see a pic of him and his girlfriend Arie.
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I went - I rode - I had fun - but I didn't always have a whole lot of fun. Call it a bittersweet weekend. The good news - Z Blue Lightening completed his very first endurance ride with Tom Noll aboard. Tom did a great job with Blue and they had a good time, placing 8th!!! The bad news, Thunder and I met the hammer and were pulled at 45 miles. My "lame" horse looked perfect the very next day, racing around in his little pasture as though he'd never even been ridden. Hmm. I'll spare you the details. Sometimes thats just the way it works but suffice to say each day that there were MANY pulls! This was an International ride with FEI rules, not your everyday ride - I like those MUCH better. Actually I just like to ride and have fun!!