Sunday, February 21, 2010


What a gorgeous February day!!

Sun. A few clouds. Grass starting to sprout. Most of the mud has dried out and left soft fluffy sand. Early this morning it was 25 and everything was frost covered. But by 10 AM the frost was going away and it warmed up to a whopping 39. No better way to spend a good day than on a great horse! And we trotted and trotted and then went some more! Woohoo!

This entire month has been pretty mild with a lot of days in the 40's and a few in the 50's. Once the snow melted it has been grand! I know I haven't contributed much news to my blog because I have been having fun riding every chance i get!!

Plus I never get tired of the view between those wonderful furry ears! The Snake River is beautiful. There are a lot of geese right now to watch. They are quite noisy too. The high desert changes color all the time. I especially love the rock formations near the Owyhee River. There are deer, coyotes and long eared rabbits to look at. It is just a beautiful place to be. God is good!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Oh I know it's not spring but today it was so gorgeous! Beautiful sun. Birds singing. The geese and ducks have been flying back and forth from the marsh to the river. My house is in their "fly zone". Today is what I call a "teaser" day. It's just a sample of the good weather to come. But since it's a teaser, it could snow tomorrow.

I took the red pony out for a ride on the hills above Adrian. It's a beautiful view of the Snake River from up there. The valley is dotted with brown patches awaiting new crops. And the snow covered mountains in the distance are a reminder that it is still winter. Thunder didn't show me any deer today. The motorcycle rides had spooked them off. The mud had dried out quite a bit and it was wonderful to able to cruise at a trot. He really only haad one hard spook all day when he got a whiff of where some critter had marked it's territory. Wheweee it was stong and stinky, but there are lots of different critters up there so who knows what left it. But he didn't want to stick around and find out either!

It was a really great day and I will be glad when I have this ankle all healed and it doesn't stab me with a pain now and then. I need to start riding Blue too! I'm supposed to be going to a specialist and find out what they plan to do with the multiple grade 2 tears that still exist. Spring is on the way and I have things to do, horses to ride and places to see!