Friday, May 3, 2013

Succor Creek Canyon

West of Homedale, ID and South of Adrian, OR is a little area of part of the Owyhees with Succor Creek flowing through. It's a great place to take horses and let them have some practice at creek crossings. So when we had a really warm spring day just before Easter, my friend Trish Frahm and I headed for Succor Creek with the "baby" horses.

So we saddled up and headed out. I had Diamond and Trish was riding Sahra and ponying her 2 yr old, Topaz. 

Succor Creek winds through the rocks and sagebrush and in places has sections through a deep gorge with tall pinnacles. The cliff walls often have raptor nests hanging on them. We didn't get into the really tall cliff area as we were trying to keep the ride a bit shorter for the babies.
Trish led Topaz down the very gradual bank  into the water 
Diamond had no problem with the water either
She wanted to splash and I figured we needed to move before she dropped and rolled!
We followed the sandy road along the creek and it goes in and out of the creek several times through here so the horses get a lot of practice.
It really is a very cool place.
By the time we were almost back I think Diamond had a very BIG day and learned a lot. 

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