Sunday, May 5, 2013

Where Did the Trail Go?

Nice warm May day. Good day to take babies out, but maybe we shouldn't have taken them together. But they did OK really. Diamond hadn't been ridden in almost 2 months and Secret hadn't done a thing for 2 weeks! We started out on a trail. But trails sometimes run out or grow over, even in the desert type country.

Probably had trail for over a mile then it was "where'd the trail go?" We had to do some cross country as the trail was gone. 

So we traveled up a narrow wash, closest thing to a trail that I could find. As the brush got taller and thicker both of the green horses became more confused and it got a bit dicey. We led them for a bit to settle down then rode up another wash where we were not only blocked off by rocks but a big deer jumped out of there too. No pics of the deer, he was long gone! 

We let them relax as we just hung out for a bit after the jumping deer! 
Trish and Secret


Then we continued on through the sagebrush and rocks. Diamond got her hind feet tangled up in some sage brush and I thought I was going to be in deep doodoo. Shortly after recovering from that Trish calls back "Rattler!" Oh great. I can't see it. Don't know where it is but I do know the general direction. So I got off to make sure I went in the opposite direction and didn't have a close encounter of the snake kind!

From the top you could see for miles and I was showing Trish places we can go on the trained horses like Three Fingers and Devils Gate. 

Woohoo as we got closer to the trailers we had trail again. Hooray! And my nice calm pony was back to her usual self too. So we were happy campers! lesson learned, need more patience for green horses and don't ask too much of them. Funny thing is we could have taken an easier trail but Trish didn't want that one. LOL She will now! But for the next couple rides I think they should have one solid horse with them to set a good example. 

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