Friday, May 3, 2013

75 at Tough Sucker II

Deja Vu!! Back in Oreana, ID at the Tough Sucker ride in April. The only difference was in 2012 there were 4 entries on the 75, this year there were two. Sad but I really wanted to do the 75. At least I had someone to ride with, Trish Frahm and I were riding it together. Last year Thunder and I did the whole thing by ourselves.

The almost full moon was going down
The sun was coming up
The shadows were long as we were the only horses and riders trotting around the desert surrounded by the Owyhees
Both horses hooves were outfitted with Easycare Gloves - no shoes

The trails we have ridden many times but never have I seen it so brown and dry. This was April and there should have been some grass and wildflowers. Too dry this year.
After the rim loop and back in camp, and Thunder gets vetted by Robert Washington. We are 1/3 of the way through and get an hour to rest up and feed the King anything he wants.
Second loop was the Snake River loop and around Wild Horse Butte. The only grass for the horses was along the river. Really grateful that Regina and crew had put hay out in a couple spots for the horses. 
Here we are with the river behind us, trotting along. Both horses were doing great! We finished this loop and were vetted through by 3:07 PM and back out on the trail at 4:07. I told Regina we'd take 4 hours to ride the river loop again. 
We finished at 8:11. Regina said we were 4 minutes off my predicted time. HAHA Probably because I had to show Trish these old homestead ruins and take photos. It was a good ride though. We tied at the finish line and Thunder got Best Condition. Great day!! 

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Barbara HB said...

Wonderful! Good on ya, Karen! And Thunder the King, of course!