Saturday, September 26, 2009

Riding, packing, what to wear...........

I swear I have spent the last week getting ready for the upcoming Owyhee 5 day. After cleaning the trailer out I continue throwing stuff back in. And just when I think I have enough clothes packed the weather forecast changes so I throw in another bag of cooler weather clothes. Which reminds me I had better grab a couple extra warm blankets for the horses too. And Molly, better take her blanket too, she doesn't want to be cold. Geezaloo the list gets longer!

Then I remove a trailer divider and put a couple 12 foot panels in there so I can make a corral for the horse that has to stay in camp on any chosen day. Repack the hay that was in there. Put more hay bales in the pickup and wonder, "Do I need two more?" These two hoovers eat a lot!

The vet check bag is a smaller version of the trailer. Empty it out and repack it. Then it's nearly too heavy to lift! Need one with wheels.

All this in between trying to ride nearly every night and that means having the trailer usable at all times. Tires are aired up and good. Truck fluids and tires are good. The boys are recently shod.

Put a temp cross fence on the pasture so Zap & Hollie can take care of themselves for a few days. The list never ends. Don't forget to give the garden that last shot of water either. One of those cantelopes needs to ripen before I go because I wanted to take it with me.

The sun is coming up so I guess I had better continue my preparations. Going over to Linda's later to help her pack panels and hay in her trailer. This is more work that the ride probably but looking forward to a week of riding! and not wanting to think about the unpacking and laundry when I get back. :-)