Monday, April 30, 2012

Tough Sucker 75

This year we had two Tough Sucker rides. I rode Blue on the 50 at the first one and got no photos at all because he was so busy playing around being a rascal. That was Easter weekend. I rode Thunder On Monday and he was so incredibly spooky and jumpy I couldn't believe it. And he stayed that way too! every fiber was on red alert, his neck was rock hard with tension from looking for more brush monsters. Andi said he was ticked because i didn't take him to the ride. Now Thunder is pretty smart but even then I thought that was a bit of a stretch for him. I took him to Tough Sucker II, signed up for the 75 and said "Dear Lord don't let him dump me!" Oh my gosh he was an angel. Well maybe not compared to the other horses but for him, he was an angel! Hmmmm.. I think andi was right. Thunder was ticked and now he was being very good because hoorayI had brought him to a ride!!
I just love this pic taken by Amanda Washington. We were about 42'ish miles into the ride and Thunder just looks so good!! We placed 2nd out of only 4 starters. Had a fun ride and saw deer, coyote and even followed a badger. The badger kept stopping to look at us then he'd scurry along and stop to look again. Finally he left the trail and we totted on. It was a fun day with my red pony!