Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome Spring

I admit it, I've been rather bad about keeping up my blog. I've been really busy with moving into the new place and fixing it up, building fence, just a ton of stuff to do. Friday was the last day of spring break and I skipped work and declared it a work day at home. Got the pen all finished and the horses off the pasture. Sounds like a simple task but it took a lot of work and time. The horses like their new loafing shed, even Zap stands inside it when it rains. There is a surprise!

Yesterday the pasture got plowed and seeded. So now I get to do the farmer thing: appreciate the rain, pray the wind doesn't blow all the dirt and seed away, and hope for a nice pasture for the horses. The garden spot got dug up and with some raking out is ready to go. I can plant cool weather veggies now. Th daffodils I planted last winter in front of the house are blooming now adding some color to the yard that I just seeded. Spring brings all things anew as they say.

A week ago, March 21, the South Central Idaho riders put on an endurance and trail clinic and I was one of the speakers. It had been a long time since I spoke at any clinics or seminars so I know I forgot a few things. But I was pleased that those that came enjoyed it and had a good time. My biggest piece of advice was "Know your horse" and every little detail about him. My next tip was to Return to the Basics, get a stethoscope and learn to really take care of your horse on the trail and at home. Do more trail riding vs condiioning rides, exploring and going places with your horse, it really brings the two of you together outside the competition world. We had MC Isaac as our model and he patiently agreed to letting one and all take his pulse, listen to his gut sounds, examine his legs and modeled some easyboots. He didn't admit to it but I'm sure Isaac enjoyed all the attention.

Yesterday when us gals rode there was new grass everywhere and the Yellow Bells are beginning to bloom. The brown hillsides are getting some color and new beauty. A month old calf that had wandered from mom followed us for about a mile convinced one of the horses was mom. Poor little guy. Mom had probably stashed him somewhere and he failed to stay put as told. But the range cows are resilient and we know they'll match up again. We had a bit of rain but it was warm so none of us cared. We think we'll be in shape enough for Steph's April Tough Sucker ride. It'll be slow but we'll be fine. The ground is drying out so in the next couple weeks we'll have to head out to Devils Gate and Three Fingers.

However today it's back to the same old stuff. Cold and hard winds. Wind chill is about 15 this morning. BRRRR! Have a great spring!

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