Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

Well here's a silly picture that might give you a big chuckle! Last week I took Hollie out for a little ride. I had seen a shed deer antler a few miles out the previous week and wanted it for "yard dacor". So Hollie and I headed out in that direction. It was pretty warm and I figured she'd give it up pretty quick and tell me "You've got to be kidding!" But nope, instead she told me in no uncertain terms that I have left her home far too often. She was really enjoying getting out! Head high, ears perked, tail flagging in the wind, and off to see the world. That's my girl!! Even tossed in a little jump or two to see if I was paying attention or not.
We got out to where the horn lay in the grass and sage. I got off and picked it up and looked around for another one. Maybe? Ya never know. Didn't see anything and decided to head back. We saw a couple antelope bounding through the brush. And about 1/2 a mile later I saw something white in the distance. I decided to ride in that direction and see if it was bleached out brush or perhaps another antler shed. Sure enough, this one was a four point. I got off to get it and thought, okay, now how to carry two of these. No saddlebags. I tied the smaller one behind the saddle and opted to hang on to the bigger one.
Which was okay only if I would trot or lope, the antler behind the saddle would poke me in the butt. Or it would turn downward and poke Hollie in the butt. She didn't like it any better than I did. So we walked back to the trailer, watching lizards and horn toads scurry off the trail and out of the way.
So now my developing rock garden has two old deer antlers in it to dress it up a bit. Wonder what I'll pack home next time. Hmmm...

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