Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top 10 Things about the WIND!

So on this more than blustery gusty day of wins varying from 30 - 45 mph, I pondered the subject of wind. Hmmmmm.....

1. No bugs. They can't fly in the wind either evidently.
2. Your garbage blows into the next county - or state out here. However, I have more neighbors trash hanging in my fence so this is not a good thing!
3. Dry clothes. Heck no clothes - they blew away!
4. The corral is clean of all debris if you get my drift. Manure happens and blows away!
5. New hairstyle - the "windblown" look. Oh c'mon, snicker just a little.
6. You could fly a kite but you better have an anchor or you may just go with the kite!
7. No fog! No mud either because it all dried up! Oh wait that's two things!
8. If it's fall you won't have to rake the leaves because they are gone!
9. If you owned a wind turbine you could generate electricity! Make a fortune!
10. Set sail with your boat or hang glider and let your destination be a surprise!!!

However, why can't it just blow the hair off that shedding horse so I don't have to brush him??

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