Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome Home Scarlet

If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you it's yours, if it doesn't it never was.

This would be the tale of Z Blazen Scarlet. I bred and raised her along with a few others. I wanted to breed Arabian horses of Crabbet and Davenport heritage. Then circumstances forced me to disperse most of the Rushcreek mares and a couple foals. It was hard to know what to sell, I just priced most of them and let destiny takes it's course.
Scarlet was sold as a yearling and went to live near Portland wtih Jessica Anderly. Then roughly two years ago when Jess moved, she was purchased by Karen Steenhof and was in Idaho. A year later she was purchased by Cindi Hein, and went to Utah.
A couple months ago, after acquiring a gaited horse, Cindi made the difficult decision to sell Scarlet but felt no one would come view her there. So I said bring her here, lots of Arabian lovers, endurance and trail riders, and I'll find her a home. Fate and God have a way of working things out and you don't even see it coming. Scarlet came and it was like an old friend showing up. You just take up where you last left off. Then McKenzie and Riley started riding her. Before you know it that little red mare had worked her way back in.
It appears that Scarlets life has completed the circle, she is back home with her family. Where she was evidently meant to be. The girls love riding the cute little red mare who turned out to be just their size. Life is good and all things happen for a reason. We set her free, and now she is back.

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