Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall has Fell

Laps in the pasture, what better way to blow off some steam on a cool fall morning. The summer heat has stepped aside. This is the beginning of cooler days. I'm pretty sure a warm day will now be the exception. Even old Zap joined in for a short time.

Zap thought most of it was silly, afterall he is 27 this year. He preferred to keep eating that lush grass while Thunder & Blue ran circles around him.

Scarlet sneaking up on the inside of her mother, Hollie, trying to steal the lead. And she did. She might be little but she is quick!

Brother and sister having some fun. I think it's interesting how these two have joined up again after years of being apart.

Another lap around the field with Hollie out in front. She cheated and cut the corner, enjoying the run!

Lap after lap they ran, then they started to slow down. Trot around. Snort and blow. With all the frivolities over, it was simply time to graze.