Monday, July 16, 2012

City of Rocks - We are here!!!!

Over a year ago Steph Teeter and friends began planning the new City of Rocks endurance ride near Almo, ID. The pictures all looked so beautiful I knew I had to go. It takes a lot of work and planning for someone to put on a multi-day ride but hey, it takes a lot of work and planning to get there and ride it too!! It's a darn good thing we all started early!! HAHA
My good friend "Charlie Mongoose" from Washington went with me and we caravaned over with Trish Frahm. We arrived Monday the 9th and got our camp all set up before the big thunderstorm hit. Hmmmm....was this a sign of things to come?
The next day we unhooked the truck and went for a drive up in the City of Rocks Reserve and checked out the campground and a few trails. Gorgeous place is an understatement! Plus there is a great deal of history in the area. This old homestead site, now known as the Tracy Homestead has a very long history and was a vet check site for day 2.
We found a lot of cool rocks and named our own like C's Budweiser Frog Rock. LOL
This area is rich in history as emigrants traveled the California Trail often meeting Shoshone hunting parties. Some people settled while others moved on. The Kelton Stage line used the route regularly. Most homestead sites and stage stops are gone but the history remains. I would have loved to have seen the wagons traveling amid the huge pieces of granite that stick out of the earth as they traveled through Pinnacle Pass along side Twin Sisters!


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