Saturday, July 20, 2013

Diamond Basin

The area between Murphy and Silver City, Idaho that is known as Diamond Basin is a magical place. It is located just off the road to Silver City and I like to go up and camp and ride when I can.

There is a great corral for the horses to stay in and no one to really bother you. It's very quiet and peaceful.

A bit of history from the sign by the road.

My friend, Trish Frahm, and I went up on a Saturday afternoon and planned on an evening ride. Which was beautiful and we went through many intriguing rock formations. 

The area reminded us a lot of City of Rocks.

Our trail climbed and climbed up to around 5600 feet if we look at the contour lines of the map. Our camp was at 4000 feet. 

The view of the rocks with the valley below was spectacular. The area is so vast you feel like a tiny speck! 

Our evening ended up being about 8 miles. After which we barbecued steaks and zucchini and topped it off with banana cream pie! :)

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Karen C. said...

The view of the valley below reminds us just how small we really are...

What a beautiful area!