Monday, November 11, 2013

Cards on Horseback

It was a lovely sunny October day and Rough Riders Drill Team was hosting a Poker Ride at Wilson Creek in Idaho. I took my friends Christine Moore and Beth Nicholes, and we loaded up Blue, Diamond and Brass and headed out. I thought it would be great fun, something a bit different and a good way to get the horses out. What I wasn't expecting was such a big crowd. I'm not sure how many they had but I heard over 100 entrants. WOW!

We saddled up and headed out, everyone kinda goes their own pace and we just followed the ribbons and trail. Along the way they would set up a "station" where you tossed the bean bag onto a board with cards and where it landed was what you got. Then there was an activity that you could do if you wanted and earn candy! CANDY candy!! So the first was an egg and spoon, I used sort of a big spoon and didn't drop the egg. Beth and Christine used a smaller spoon and rode the little course and didn't drop the egg.

The route was a six mile loop and I think our next card/candy opportunity had us weaving around orange cones. As you ride along these trails there are lots of rock formations and it's really pretty.

The most challenging obstacle was the one called "the car wash" which had strips of a large tarp hanging up that the horses had to go through. Did I say the wind was blowing the strips around a bit? Blue was having no part of this one at all. Brass was willing but cautious but Beth rode Diamond ride through the blowing strips. Great girls!! 

After we finished and took care of the horses we went up to the main area for a great hot lunch and pie, provided by the drill team. We didn't win any poker hands or even raffle prizes but we did have a great time. And that's what matters most! 

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