Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Thunder is Back

Thunder and I at Tough Sucker II yesterday. The wind was horrendous, felt like it was going to blow me right off my horse a couple times! This was Thunder's first ride since his nasty stone bruise last summer at City of Rocks. he had a LONG rest from that, milked it all the way! I'm happy to say the red beast is back! We added another 50 miles to his record for a lifetime total of 3515 AERC miles. 

Thunder and I had a good time with only a couple spooks along the way. He didn't even generate a sweat! Of course we weren't going very fast either thanks to the old right hip of mine. Even then I was still pleased to be sharing the trail with Thunder and good friends! Regina Rose always puts on a good ride with unmatched hospitality as she opens up her home to all of us riders! 

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