Friday, October 3, 2014

Old Time Ride and Reunion at Oregon 100

The Oregon 100 was first held at Brothers, OR in 1974 and it was put on by the Hollander family and managed by Mel Opbroek. It skipped a year or two and has had many ride managers over the years, (we did that too),  but it still goes on. Oregon 100 was the beginning of "stop & go" vet checks and also the very first ever continuous 150 mile ride! (Yeah I did that too).

Jo Calver O'Brien had the idea of an Old Timers Reunion and she gathered up a lot of riders from "back in the day" to show up at Oregon 100 for a great get-together. What a blast it was to see so many people that I've missed. Of course we missed many of our friends that couldn't make it but it was wonderful to visit with those who were there. Some of us rode, and Lois Fox was still riding when Jo gathered everyone for a photo. And we didn't get everybody for one reason or another. But in the picture in to top row is Joyce Brown, Carol Gilbert, Su and Joe Griffin, Gene Carpenter, Larry and Anne Eades, Nancy Cox, Cindy Schweiger, Terry Doyle, DeWayne Brown and Karen Olson. Bottom row is Shannon Priem, Karen Bumgarner, Marie Frankenburger Yoesel, Donna Carpenter, Glen Cox, Ted Brown, Pam ? Jo O'Brien.
Sunset at Brothers, OR with the Cascades in view

 Two riders, Jeff Loe and a friend, passing through the sea of sagebrush!

Lois Fox won the 100 and Tani Bates won the 50, showing the old time riders can still ride!!Thunder and I took 9th on the 50 and had a great time. I hope we have a reunion every year!! Thanks Jo for putting it together!

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