Monday, March 1, 2010


Horses are funny. They all have their individual quirks, likes and dislikes. The younger gelding, Z Blue Lightening, has always been a pretty easy going guy. He grew up in the shadow of his cousin, Thunder. His horsanality was quiet, polite and kind. The opposite of the big red attention hog that is always shoving Blue aside and chasing him around.

But I have noticed as they rear and play and push each other, that sometimes Blue wins the game of "I CAN make you move" and Thunder will lope away. Not for long though as he will come back to reclaim his spot and they continue their King of the hill game.

I've always felt that underneath that sleepy exterior of Blue's is a fire that just smolders. I knew one day the spark would turn to a flame of it's own. And this spring, Blue has woke up! After a long trot to the top of the hill he struts and there is a "nanner nanner" in there trying to get out. Blue is far from finished. He is just warming up and looking for more to do. He is almost 7, looks fit and racy, and he wants to go! With a sling of his head he says "Turn me loose." Blue dances in the middle of the trail, his butt bouncing in the air with enthusiasm. And when all that didn't work he decided it was time for a lively game of kick the dog! All this after about 9 miles. Yup the boy definitely needs some serious miles!

Attitude! "I'm tough! I can do anything!" As Blue comes into his own it'll be fun - providing I stay on. ☺