Friday, March 12, 2010

Fine for Whining

Remember that old Chris LeDeaux song, Five Dollar Fine for Whining? Well I may as well put my fiver in the jar right now because I am whining!! OK so I knew last weekend was a fluke with all the gorgeous weather, but I want it back!!! Only in Idaho do they classify 25 mph winds as a breeze!

Last weekend was one of those rare days in March. Great weather. Lots of fantastic rides on good horses! Combine that with the company of friends and my daughter Andi, and I had lots of fun!! In the morning while driving over to Tammie's I saw a magnificent Bald Eagle in a big cottonwood tree! And the bonus?? While riding Blackjack we came upon a herd of 20 antelope. Later about a dozen deer! None of them stuck around for a Kodak moment though! I managed to get three horses ridden over that weekend!
And the view of the Snake River has to be one of the prettiest and I love it every time I walk back down to the trailer parked less than 1/4 mile from it's banks. The water was so smooth and blue! Sno capped hills amid a few clouds off in the distance privided a lovely border to the view! Yip, can't wait to go ride and see that view again this weekend!!

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Merri said...

we have had some fabulous riding days, haven't we??
- The Equestrian Vagabond