Sunday, January 30, 2011


Finally, after what seems like an eternity of deep freeze and snow, I got to ride!! The sandy hill near Adrian wasn't too terribly muddy and when it was I was bale to just go around it. At the top there was still some snow but the footing wasn't treacherous like it had been. Thunder wasn't even bucky after two months of nothing to do. He was pretty high but much better than expected. You just never know how he is going to be when you swing your leg over and set your butt down in the saddle. Usually if the first 15 minutes goes well then I have it made.
And to top it off I got to ride two days in a row! That must mean that conditioning for the new year has begun. The sun came out to warm us and the snow was bright and glistened. It was just beautiful!
Riding for a lot of people is just an activity. But for me, riding is breathing. Without riding I just get depressed and unhappy. I walked every day all winter long which helped me retain some sanity. But it wasn't riding and time with my horse. But this weekend, I was able to be with nature again, appreciate the beauty, and just soak it all up with each breath. Hard to beat a good horse, sun, trail and the view of that gorgeous river. What a great weekend! God is good!

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Dom said...

Glad you got back in the saddle. That photo is the best view there is :)