Monday, January 10, 2011

Birds of a Feather

Nearly everyday Molly and I take our walk across the cornfield and along the edge of the marsh. The last few weeks we have seen very few birds other than a pheasant or two, perhaps a hawk. But the frozen marsh has been pretty quiet.
Today however was different. Perhaps it has been the sunny afternoons the last couple days with temperatures barely above freezing for an hour or two before the sun goes down.
As we strolled along the edge of icy ponds the afternoon sun cast long shadows across the snow. A hawk took flight and the sun cast a beautiful golden hue over his wings as he flew overhead. The awesome moment was breathtaking.
Farther along I could hear the birds singing and chirping. Little black capped snowbirds filled a couple small trees. One of the bigger trees had about 50 red-wing blackbirds all trilling and talking to each other. And there, in the middle of the tree surrounded by blackbirds was one lone red breasted robin! A Robin in January!!! "He must be lost!" I said to Molly who was busy sniffing out a mouse. I could hope it's a sign of an early spring but it is supposed to snow so scrap that thought!
A bit farther was another tree of blackbirds and another hawk. Along the creek we scared up four ducks and a blue heron. I haven't seen this many birds in nearly two months! And the hunters were out there yesterday so don't think that has anything to do with it.
It is so fun to listen to the birds, watch and appreciate them. By the time we head back home the sun is setting and temperature is quickly dropping. Could be the birds will start nesting soon and spring will surely return!

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Merri said...

This post was for the birds. in other words, I loved it! and blue herons are good luck birds! and so are road-runners! (I saw 3 of those in southern CA the last few days)
- The Equestrian Vagabond