Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Tradition

If I saddle up and I'm gone all day long its a Thanksgiving tradition! This started many years ago and the thoughts took me back to the early 80's when we had our end of season endurance ride on Thanksgiving weekend. Good times and many fond memories.
1984 at Fort Rock,OR the second day of the ride and we cantered the 100, finished in the daylight. What a way to spend the weekend, eat, ride, eat, ride some more, followed by eating more. Hey at least we rode it off! This craziness was thanks to George and Penny Behee who provided all of us an end of year points chaser. In the early days the ride was held near Canyonville, OR and Fort Rock, OR., then after Behee's moved to Millican the ride went there also. And we had a big barn with a loft and wood stove. :)I think that's when the name changed to the Horse Heaven ride. Even though the days of an endurance ride on Thanksgiving have been gone, I still feel the need to saddle up and ride on Thanksgiving, remembering. trails, family and friends including those who have left us over the many years.
Thanksgiving 2010 we had snow but if i can get the truck in and out of places I'll still go :) Some years it is snowy and other years the weather has been great. The last two years has been pretty mild.
Thanksgiving 2011 Blue and I looking over the Snake River, we had a bit of fog but it was a good day to ride!
Thanksgiving 2012 I actually found a friend who had time to go riding with me. This always makes it more fun. and we traversed Hallelujah canyon as a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Hope everyone else had a great day too!

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The Odyssey Farm said...

Hi Karen, I stumbled across your blog reading Your name didn't jog my memory until I saw that photo of you with Sunny Spots R. I have your endurance book, it was my bible so many years ago. I practically wore the pages out! I don't ride endurance these days, but I still enjoy reading the ride stories and hope someday the stars will align that I can pick it up again. Glad to hear you are still enjoying the trails.