Monday, November 26, 2012

Training Diamond

When I got Diamond last April she was 90% unhandled. After a couple short sessions she gentled right down. I think she liked the attention of the round pen, brushing and being played with. It wasn't long before I had a saddle on her and was taking the "big dog" for a walk down the road and having her follow me everywhere. The summer got busy and all she had to do was eat, sleep and be lazy. But this fall after ride season was over it was back to doing some round pen work.
She displayed a few moves which showed a bit of attutude!
However once she figured out that resulted in more circles and work she was quickly begging to stop.
The first day when Chris got on her I didn't get any pictures as I was too busy holding on to Diamond's lead rope just to keep it all safe and quiet. But the second day, she was on her own. Turning, stopping, listening and all the while calm and relaxed. Diamond's third saddle lesson was "I'm bored." So we loaded up and went out to the BLM where she got her very first adventure with Hollie.
This was Diamond's second trailer ride and from the time we unloaded and Chris mounted up she was relaxed and happy. She just followed Hollie down the trail and would trot to catch up now and then. At first she didn't like the sagebrush hitting her legs but that didn't last long. By the time we got back to the trailer she was walking in front and still being cool and calm. Wow! For her fourth ride we trailered out to "ride camp" off Lytle as you head to Vale,OR. I was trying to keep her off the big steep Adrian hill for now, give her more obstacles and things to think about.
We started out on a pretty brushy trail with some gradual uphill. She zigged and zagged and quickly wanted to eat grass. If she gets to be an endurance horse at least she will eat. HAHA!
We came up on a big double water tank. Now most Arabians have to snort and get all big eyed over their first few water tanks out on the plains. But not Diamond. She went right up to it and looked at it, blew a little but not really a snort. Then after standing there we just walked away. After more brush and grass to eat we came up on a big black water tank built from a tire.
The big black water tank was so scary she drank from it, after breaking the ice. :) Then it was on down the trail again.
Her biggest thing for the whole 3 mile ride was she got a little flustered going down a small bank but she did it. And when I consider the last two rides is all the hill experience she has it doesn't surprise me. But even then she goes back to happy and calm really fast. She seems to like it. I think I am going to have a horse I can ride anywhere. ♥

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