Monday, July 11, 2016

New trail - Strawberry Fields

Last year the plan for my BFF Colleen Martin and myself was to go see some new trails, namely the Strawberry Fields multi-day in Utah. For various reasons it didn't happen. But it wasn't forgotten and it became the game plan for this year.  June 15 we packed up the boys, Thunder and Blue, a grand assortment of stuff and we left at the dim light of dawn for Heber City, Utah. Roughly 25 miles from there was Strawberry Reservoir and camp at Co-Op Creek. Camp was large sagebrush flat area lined on one side with aspens and another side by the creek. We set up alongside the aspens for shade.

As we admired these red rock cliffs from camp we had no idea that we would be riding to them and across the mountain top behind them. Steve Bradley, photographer, said we reached 12,000 feet at that time.

We set out for a ride on Thursday and joked this was the first time we had ever encountered ride ribbons attached to snow poles. After crossing a creek and getting into a large thicket of brush amid the Aspens we saw what looked and sounded like a Sandhill Crane. I’ve only seen grey ones but we learned they come in more than one color and that the brown ones are common to this area.

And when we returned towards camp and preparing to cross the creek we were met with a grouping of magnificent butterflies along the edge, dancing over the muddy bank. 

Thunder and I on day 2, photo by Steve Bradley

I had heard the area was gorgeous and offered some of the most beautiful trails to be found anywhere and we were not disappointed. Tons of wildflowers, many creek crossings, a few bogs, and even a couple snow fields. The trails were plenty tough, definitely not for the faint of heart. But again, oh do beautiful with rich mountain views and the Strawberry Reservoir below us.

Colleen Martin and Blue on day 3, photo by Steve Bradley

Thunder and I were lucky enough to complete all three days of this Pioneer ride. Colleen and Blue met her goal of finishing days 1 and 3, taking day 2 off just to have a good time. We were truly blessed to be able to have this adventure. And now we wonder “What the heck are we going to do in 2017?” 

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