Monday, July 11, 2016

Oregon Outback makes Thunder 3 for 3

After returning from Strawberry, we still had time for riding before Colleen had to return home. We rode the nearby hills, got in some Rio and Peanut time at Succor Creek and we even rode the Eagle hills. We drove out to Owyhee Reservoir and over to Celebration Park, with a stop at Gene Winchesters so Colleen could see some of my horse’s relatives.
I even got in a treasured ride with both Andi & Colleen. A first!

Then I said, “You know. We could go to Tribby’s and you could ride the first day of Oregon Outback and just go home from there.” I didn’t even have to twist her arm and she said “OK”. So we packed up again and headed to Fort Rock, did a little walk about the old town buildings there and made the last 10 miles to ride camp.  Colleen and Blue got in their “extra” 50, giving them 155 miles in three weeks. Not bad for a person who only really rides when she comes to visit me! HA!

Colleen got our picture with Trish Frahm at the start of the second day before she headed for home. 

We had a lot of fun riding with Mike and Jessica Cobbley and she is doing a great job with The Big Brass as they are 5 for 5 on AERC rides at this time!! 

Thunder and I finished all three days once more! Outback gave Thunder his third complete Pioneer multi-day for the year! That’s a lot of miles, and now he gets a break as I prepare to take off for the final leg of the Chief Joseph Trail Ride in Montana. Stay tuned, if you’re lucky it might end up in a blog sooner or later.

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