Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Paint Your Horse

On June 28 I offered a new concept of horse anatomy with my massage clinic, and thanks to Carole Mercer, we called it Paint Your Horse. I had previously copied Gillian Higgins idea of painting muscles on the horses as a visual aid. But to my knowledge, no one had offered an opportunity for people to paint the muscles on their own horse.

Leni Nicholes painting Clyde, the bright colors really help one see the different muscles.

Laura, 8 yrs with her pony Snip. After painting we studied the bladder meridian and releasing tension along the meridian. Then it was a welcome lunch break. After lunch I showed everyone how to massage, stroke by stroke and muscle by muscle. Then we did stretches and checked saddle fit. That was really a lot of learning to cram into one long day but everyone felt it was a great learning experience. 

We only has a few people but every one ready to learn and have fun while learning more about our horses. Laft to right is Beth Nicholes, Laura Nicholes, Leni Nicholes, Sharon Katzke of Aah Lights and myself with Blue who was our model. Also in attendance was Linda Ballard, Ted and Terrence Nicholes didn't get in the photo. 

If anyone wants a Paint Your Horse Workshop in your area just contact me. 

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HHmstead said...

That has to be one of the most "colorful" clinics ever! What a super way to visualize where those muscles are!