Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Three Grannies Great adventure Part 4

We left the windy foggy beach of Wild Mare behind and was OTRA to Bullard Beach at Bandon. We had a really nice camp site and got the "kids" all situated in their new digs. Oregon sure has nice horse camps - wish Idaho had some nicer ones. After we all had a bite of supper the three of us took Molly for a beach walk. We headed out the horse trail, over the dune and down to the shore. Carol was right, the weather here was nicer, a bit warmer and less wind and fog.

Since it was getting a bit late and we had the entire beach to ourselves, Molly had fun running around as we explored. When we returned to camp it was dusk and I could see the form of some smallish animal leaving our camp area. Hmmmmm. Turned out to be a raccoon enjoying the grain Linda had set out to soak while we walked. Oh, wait a minute, I see two raccoons! So we had to be sure to set all our stuff up after that and not leave Molly unattended. 

The next morning we saddled up to ride the trails and the beach. The beach trail out of BB Horse Camp is awesomely marked unlike Wild Mare. 

We took the Cut Creek Trail through the dunes for several miles before coming back to the beach trail. We spotted a deer and a porcupine and had to wait for Mr Porky to get off the trail so we could keep going. :)

And I was really enjoying the canopied trails and interesting fir trees. 

The Coquille Light House at Bullard Beach is awesome place to visit even on a horse. :)

The Lighthouse Trail led us back to camp where we relaxed briefly before heading out for a Lighthouse tour, a walk along the jetty then into old town Bandon/ 

These guys were catching lots of Red Snapper

The board walk in Bandon was surrounded by some amazing horse paintings since it was Year of The Horse. And the evening was topped off by another walk on the beach. We were all wishing for one more day at Bandon. So much to do and see and we ran out of time.

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