Thursday, July 3, 2014

Three days at Fandango

The Teeter's always give it their best shot to put on a fun ride as they open their ranch and invite us in to share the trails for 3 sun-filled days, May 23-25, 2014. Owyhee Fandango offers riders a variety of trails and distances. However this year due to some heavy rains and flash floods earlier in the spring, some trails were badly washed out and totally unusable. Others were very rocky - but it is an endurance ride!

Riding through the country around Oreana, Idaho ranches is like living in the old west. Especially when we ride through Joyce Ranch, established in 1865 by Matthew Joyce. 

Tonya Stroud on Z Blue Lightening and Linda Ballard aboard her mare, Music, crossing Sinker Creek.

Sinker Creek had a lot of water and we wound through the canyon for miles and crossed it many times. 

The scenery through here is gorgeous. High canyon walls and rock steeples.

Riders coming down off the hill towards Sinker Reservoir.

Wildflowers everywhere.

Wagon ruts cut deeply into the sandstone on the Oregon Trail near the Rio Del Sol Ranch which was our lunch stop on Day 3.

Trail markings of ribbons and pie plates. Thunder and I rode all three amazing days of Owyhee Fandango for a total of 160 miles. We endured the elements of rocks, sand, water, some warm weather and enjoyed it all among good friends! Until the next time Oreana - we'll be back! 

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Talk about rugged terrain!