Monday, July 21, 2014

The Three Grannies Great Adventure Part 3

Tuesday morning bright and early found us ♫ On the Road Again ♫. The beach here we come! In Reedsport this driver needed a break. We spotted a Dairy Queen and a closed up gas station to park in. Perfect. Off we went across the road destined for ice cream. Lucky us - we got this poor young girl and I think it was her first day. Yeah there went 45 minutes just to get ice cream cones. Sigh.....and back across the road to the truck we went, licking our ice cream cones. Only there was a guy at the gas station and it turns out it's a card lock and it wasn't closed, despite the closed sign on the building. I apologized profusely for parking in the way but he wasn't worried.

He asked if we were going to Horsefall and Wild Mare campground. We told him we were headed for Bandon and he said we really needed to take the Horsefall road and go to Wild Mare. We chatted a bit and we did have a couple hours to kill before we could check in at Bandon so off we went to Wild Mare.

We saddled up and didn't see any maps or signs telling us which trail went to the beach so we just headed out and winged it. And it wasn't the right trail, it came out on a paved road about 1 1/2 miles from the day use area. Turned around and "maybe we should ride into the main camp and see if there is a map." Okie dokie. Not far from camp I spotted a gal on a buckskin horse backing up through the trees. I said hello and we started talking and asked about getting to the beach. "I'll take you there!" she said. "I was looking for an excuse to go there anyway." So as we rode along we talked horses of course, one thing led to another and it turns out that 20 years ago this lady, Carol Steele, and I had traded horses while riding at Graham Corral!! All by one chance meeting of a gas station owner sending us to Wild Mare campground did I happen to join up with this lady I hadn't seen in 20 years! Unbelievable!

We all followed Carol out the trail on the way to beach. So exciting to finally be here even if the wind was roaring and the area had some cold fog. We were all so happy and just thrilled to be there. Even better to have a guide!

We topped out over the dunes and Thunder just stood there staring at the vast horizon that moved and roared at the same time. He wasn't so sure he wanted to go down towards all that water but he did. He was a bit nervous but not bad and I could still take pictures!

We happily rode along listening to Carol tell us that Bandon should have nicer weather. But if we didn't like it we were welcome to come back to Wild Mare as there were empty camp sites. What a gorgeous campground too! She showed us different paths and trails along the way, then we went back over the dunes and took the trail back to Wild Mare. There was a really fun section of downhill in the dune where the horse just kind of slid down through the sand! Cool!

Then Carol showed us how her little Papillon dog rides on the pad behind her saddle aboard her Paso Fino! We said our thank yous and good byes and loaded up and headed for Bandon and Bullard Beach! So grateful to have renewed a friendship, plus added this beach in to our trip and rides! Yeehaw and praise the Lord!!!  

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