Saturday, September 7, 2013

City of Rocks

    How do you spend a week at a gorgeous place like The City of Rocks National Reserve near Almo, ID., and try to decide which photos to share out of the 500 you took. Not an easy task! It was a great week riding and having fun with both old and new friends. 

On Monday we went for a trail ride out across the prairie, Colleen Martin on Blue and Trish Frahm on Sahra.

Old west decor - horse skull - that's another blog coming soon.

I rode Thunder and ponied his mother, Hollie the day before the rides began.

We also took a drive from ride camp to the town of Yost, UT. There were many old homesteads along the way.

And we checked out the old Yost Pioneer Cemetary

This art work of a lifetime was known as Inez's Rock Garden in downtown Yost, UT. It's like Hidden Pictures, the more you look - the more you find! 

Day 1 on the trail heading out through the City of Rocks National Reserve.

The trails and scenery are gorgeous.

Thunder and I rock climbing. 

The "rock man" watches us on the trails.

Old log ruins with Twin Sisters in the back ground. Day 1 was a great trail, rode with Trish Frahm and Jane Wilson. I wanted Thunder to go easy so we could do multiple days.

On Day 2 I rode Thunder with Kathleen Edman of Montana. She rode her Kentucky Mountain horse 3 days. We placed 4th and 5th and I think Kathy's horse would've gone all 5 days if she could've stayed the whole week. 

Another old farm from the old days.

On day 3 we went up into Castle Rock Park.

Colleen with Blue, doing her first 50 in too many years. We tried to remember the last ride we actually rode together "back in the day". We decided that maybe it was Evergreen Challenge in 1981?

Rock formations every where you look. 

I pulled Thunder at the vet check on day 3, stone bruise. But Colleen and Blue went on and completed. They look great don't they!!? 

On day 4 neither Colleen nor I rode. We went out to the vet check and helped, drove around and did some sight seeing, and all the horses got a massage. :) 

Collen and Jessica waiting for horses to arrive at the vet check

Alex Church with two of our amazing vets, Jessica Heinrich and Olin Balch.

One of the many signs rating the rocks for climbing.

Haha I was being artsy fartsy with the camera. 

Cool rock caves and formations. 

Can you beat this scenery? 

On Day 5 I rode Blue on the 50 with Aubry Church and Deo Peppersack.

The elevation for the day went up over 8800 feet and we were in some very tall trees. 

Deo resting in the check while Cinnamon chows on some grass. It was a beautiful place for a vet check.

Deo, Aubry and I completed the 50 the final day. Colleen completed the 30 with Hollie. It was a great week and we waved "bye" at the rocks as we headed home. 


Dom said...

Such incredible scenery.

Karen C. said...

Wow....beautiful! Truly God's country! Thank you for sharing with those of us who have never been there but would love to visit someday. :-)