Friday, September 13, 2013

Saga of The Big Brass - Vacation - Part 3

Before we left for City of Rocks, August 5, Brass had been doing really well as you can see from Colleen Martin's photos of Brass and his trainer, Ted Nichols. Gone was a lot of his freakiness thanks to all the desensitizing that Ted does with his horses. 

 Here Ted flops the stirrups while Brass walks and jogs around, desensitizing in motion.

Ted loves all the horses as you can see in this photo by Colleen Martin. 

However while we were gone to City of Rocks, Brass' hooves that had been so long and trimmed so much, were now getting sore. Even with Easycare Gloves he was uncomfortable. Not really lame but not moving out like he should be either, and you can't train an unhappy horse and get good results.

It was time to get him out on the trails more and he had to be sound for that, not hurting in any way. Colleen and I went over to check Brass out and discuss things with Ted. When we got there we found Ted playing with Brass bareback. It's just amazing how far this horse has come in 3 weeks time! 

So the decision was made to bring him home for a couple weeks so I could work on his hooves. The exact care given his hooves at that point will be in an Easycare Hoof Blog so watch for that :) But lets just say we trimmed more bar and relieved the sole and I placed a poultice on his front hooves for a few days. 

While I had him home I didn't want him to forget all his lessons so I worked with him and yes - I rode him. My first impression was that he is far too tall, which is why you see the stool out there that I stood on to mount up. And secondly Brass has the world's longest neck. But I'm convinced that when his hooves improve and he goes back in two weeks, that he is going to be awesome! 

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