Sunday, September 8, 2013

Silver City and Beyond

    On August 16 and 17 myself and my best bud, who came to visit for 3 weeks, drove up to Diamond Basin to camp out and ride. Since the creeks up here were pretty much dry we decided to unhook the trailer and drive into Silver City on Friday. Great choice as we had the whole town all to ourselves. We could stroll around and look all we wanted and not be in any one's way. Today's Silver City is what's left of an old mining town, rich in pioneer and mining history and tall tales.

The road into Silver City closes in October due to heavy snowfall and mudslides. Most of the residents are summer only and a security person lives in the hotel over the winter. There is a public tour the second weekend of September to guide you past all the best historic points.

This old 1938 pickup is one of my favorite sights. 

The old Stoddard House has been restored and not your typical Silver residence.

Most of the old homes tout rusty metal roofs with new solar panels for power. 

You can't go to Silver without checking out the old cemetery, many "unknowns", probably miners. 

Colleen in front of the Idaho Hotel and Bar.

An old ore cart from the mining hey days.

For some reason these wagon wheels tickled my fancy.

The people in the hotel were a hoot. We were serenaded an entertained. They suggested we come back later after they had more wine! LOL

At one time Silver had 250 working mines.

Code of the Old West.

Saturday morning w just sat in the peace and quiet of "nowhere" watching a gorgeous sunrise!

We headed out towards the cabins by 8 AM and had been on the trail about half an hour when a string of 4-wheelers came along up the hill. This one really cracked me up, two dogs on the back riding in a box and one was wearing "doggles". I chuckled over that one for a while but they said he's sensitive to the sunshine.

Colleen checking out the old outhouse at Montini's cabin. 

Hollie and Colleen at Spring House, about a mile from Montini's

After Spring House we turned back and cut across to Milk Spring and then headed for camp. What a great way to spend the weekend and give my friend a tour of the Old West! 


Karen C. said...

When I lived in southern Cal, one of my favorite things to do as a kid was visit the old 'ghost towns' and see how they lived.

What a neat trip you and your friend had! Thanks for the pictures. :-)

Merri said...

It never gets old going to Silver City!
- The Equestrian Vagabond