Friday, September 6, 2013

Three Generations of Endurance Horses

How often does one see three generations of endurance horses at an endurance ride? Have you ever? I've seen two generations, such as stallion and offspring, but three? I've only seen mine. :-) 

Z Summer Thunder, his dam Rushcreek Hollie, and his two offspring Beautys Harley and Z Blazen Sox. Photo by Steve Bradley. 

Last year at City of Rocks we had Z Summer Thunder who had the fastest time for all four days, as well as his mother, Rushcreek Hollie. Hollie was ridden two days by my friend Colleen Martin. And Layne Simmons rode Thunder's son, Beautys Harley on two days of City of Rocks. 

This year, along with Grandma Hollie, her son Thunder, and his son Harley, Layne also rode Thunder's daughter, Z Blazen Sox! So we had four members of the family to represent THREE generations of endurance horses. Proving just how wonderful Rushcreek Hollie is in so many ways and why I chose her for my breeding program. 

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Karen C. said...

Now that is cool!