Thursday, September 19, 2013

Saga of The Big Brass - Part 5 - Becoming a Trail Horse

On Tuesday The Big Brass and I had "our" first solo ride. He was a bit snorty at an odd stack of tires and old wood but other than that we had a fine day! I have to say that he is the best trained of ANY 30 day horse that I have ever ridden of my own or even someone elses!

Looking handsome in his new blue halter :)

My view. Look at that long neck!! 

 Today we loaded up, picked up Andi and Star and headed for the trails towards Vale off of Lytle Blvd. 

I had to get off the tall boy and open a couple gates. I found myself a high spot to stand on so I could get back on. Brass just is doing great and likes the trails too! 


Karen C. said...

Great job Brass! And to you for getting back on that big boy! :-)

HHmstead said...

What a big rugged looking boy! Bet he's going to do well!